We are proud to say that our goldsmiths have over 40 years of experience.

Creating jewelry by hand is a true craft and work of art.
Our goal is for each piece to be unique and special, with the best workmanship and finishes, and for this it is essential that we participate in the entire production process from start to finish.


All our production process is in Spain, from the design of the piece through the casting, processing and finishing.

This has been very important to us from the beginning as having production locally allows us to continually ensure good working conditions and a close dialogue with our goldsmiths.


Our products are of the best quality so they can be used year after year, encouraging the prolonged use of jewelery with the aim of achieving a more responsible future.
Despite offering the best quality, these over time need certain care or cleaning that we offer to our customers at cost price.


We are aware of the impact that human beings have on the environment, which is why we join a ethical and social responsibility to ensure sustainability in the process of extracting our raw materials and production of jewelry. Our collections are made of 9 and 18 kt gold and natural precious stones, handmade and with our own design in our workshop. All diamonds meet the conditions of the "Kimberley Treaty" and the "World Federation of Diamond Bourses" (WFDB), the world federation of diamond exchanges, which promotes the interests of member exchanges and their members. We are committed to responsible consumption through , timeless that are inherited from generation to generation. This philosophy avoids excessive production and promotes transparency in production processes.