Find your perfect ring size
Find out what size ring you wear with a simple technique:
Take a ring in your size and measure its internal diameter to find out which size is best for you.
If your ring is between two sizes, we recommend that you always choose the larger size.
In addition, if do you need a little bit of help, we put at your disposal our ring sizer, with which you can measure your finger.
15.6mm 9 49 I 1/2
15.92mm 10 50 J
16.26mm 11 51 K
16.56mm 12 52 L
16.88mm 13 53 M
17.20mm 14 54 N
17.52mm 15 55 N 1/2
17.83mm 16 56 O
18.15mm 17 57 P
18.4mm 18 58 Q
18.8mm 19 59 R
19.1mm 20 60 R 1/2
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us: