The Quick Quiz with Ana Crespo, founder of Appétit Ceramics

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In this month of February we have the pleasure of having Ana Crespo, founder of Appétit Ceramics.

Appétit is the instinctive impulse that leads to satisfy desires or needs. With Appetit, Ana tries to satisfy the instinctive impulse that leads to satisfy desires or needs. Appetite to explore, to inspire, for exclusivity, for quality, for creating pieces with character, all thought of, designed and made with love.

In her two workshops, Madrid and (very soon) Valladolid, Ana brings out the most creative side of all of us who are going to visit her, offering us the possibility of creating unique pieces for our homes, while we disconnect and enjoy a pleasant time. of rest and peace.

The Founder's Quiz


One of her "musts" this season, which spans generations, is the fur collar, perfect for this time of year. This one from Max Mara is as appetizing as hugging a bear.


Her favorite product is Gema Herrerias GH Retinol.

Active dermocosmetics, based on scientific evidence, which works and offers visible results. It is a serum that contains pure retinol, hexapeptide-10 and niacinamide. Among its benefits are the improvement of the signs of aging, expression wrinkles and deep wrinkles. Reduces spots, irregular texture, imperfections, providing luminosity and softness to the skin.

The texture is light, easily absorbed and on resistant and accustomed skin, it can be used as the only product in the night routine.


Bon Iver Holocene.

It is one of Ana's favorite songs that is part of the list created by herself for Spotify and reminds her a lot of the beginnings of her brand.

It was chosen as one of the best songs of the year 2011 by a lot of specialized media and, to top it off, it was nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year at the 2012 Grammys .

You can listen to it on the Appétit ceramics playlist:


One of the must-have gifts at any time of the year are the Vico Estudio paintings. Abstract and personalized art.

Thank you Ana!

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