How to read precious metal hallmarks

If you want to buy gold jewelry, you must ensure that the hallmarks are present on your piece as they assure you that it is a gold piece and that it is not a copy.

It is not just the price of gold that influences the value of a gold product. The weight and purity of your metal are also important aspects in determining how much it is worth.

Why do we need these identity hallmarks?

The seal on a product is simply a convenient way to demonstrate its purity to potential buyers. No gold product is ever minted with exact 100 percent purity.

Using this seal, you will be told how much gold, silver, platinum or palladium is in your jewel.

For example, gold hallmark "375" would have 375 parts of gold out of a total of 1,000. In simple terms, it is 37.5 percent pure, or 9 carats.


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