Differences between jewelry and bijouterie

When buying a piece of jewelry we must understand fundamental points to know what we are buying and not get a bad deal.

It is very important to pay attention to certain points to differentiate jewelry from bijouterie, so pay attention to the following:

1- The Price

2. The Materials

3. Labor

4. Durability

When we talk about jewelry, we are referring to pieces made with the highest quality standards and in an artisanal manner by experienced goldsmiths. These products are always made in gold, silver or platinum and using the best selection of precious gems such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines, etc.

Jewelry generally has a very long durability due to its materials as long as it is cared for properly. A piece of jewelry can always be "recycled" as it can be given new life by redesigning the existing piece or even creating a new piece by casting existing materials.

To be considered jewelry, the piece must be made of gold, silver or platinum. All other materials, including brass or bronze, even if they are coated or gold-plated, are costume jewelry and give a very different result since the durability of the piece and its quality are not the same.
In the case of bijouterie pieces, these are much cheaper, last much less and break down sooner. In addition, it can cause allergies, it can even stain you because when the piece oxidizes it leaves a green or black stain.
In addition, bijouterie is much less sustainable since it is purchased with the aim of being "throwaway" pieces.
Another determining aspect when it comes to differentiating between jewelry and bijouterie is the selection process of natural gems used to give life to jewelry designs. Each and every one of these gems is carefully selected one by one by expert gemologists who take care of every detail. selecting the perfect gem for each design. This process guarantees that each jewel is unique as well as the gem that composes it, giving it greater exclusivity, since no two jewels are the same. The gems, finishes and shapes of a piece of jewelry will always have a differentiating point and this is what makes it so special.
Why choose jewelry?

In addition to some of the reasons mentioned above, at Brown&Blonde we are committed to jewelry since it is a regulated sector, so each piece made of gold includes a laboratory hallmark.

Each and every one of the Brown&Blonde jewels includes this contrast that guarantees the quality of the materials used in its manufacture.


And you, what do you prefer?
B&B Team
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