Like so many other products, jewelry sales are increasingly being made online rather than in a brick-and-mortar store. Of course, shopping online is fast and convenient, plus it allows you to shop from places far away from your location.
While being able to see a piece of jewelry and try it on in person is great, the downside is the inconvenience of having to travel to a store and being limited to what that particular store has available. You'll also miss out on beautiful handcrafted jewelry created by independent designers who usually don't have brick-and-mortar stores (like us!).
While buying jewelry online has many advantages, you need to be careful and pay attention to the right things to avoid some of the drawbacks. Let us begin ...


In an ideal world, there are some things you would rather see and feel in person before purchasing. Jewelry is probably one of them, as it's nice to be able to try it on and decide if it suits you. Of course, that's not possible when shopping online.

A new online jewelry buyer may be worried about missing the "try on" step of the purchasing process, but that's where detailed descriptions can help. If you are purchasing from a trusted and well-run online jewelry store, the product listings will have detailed information and observations about each piece of jewelry. You'll get a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect just by reading this information. In particular, the description should provide clear information about the materials used to make the piece (if not, this is a red flag to purchase jewelry) and the dimensions.

Also check all the photographs provided by the online store to see the piece from different angles and get an even better idea of ​​the size. Many buyers do not read the descriptions carefully or look at all the photographs. They miss crucial details that could influence your decision. It is definitely a mistake to avoid. And if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us as our Customer Service will assist you: info@brownandblondejewelry.com


Shopping online means you have easy access to many different types of jewelry. For some buyers this can be both a blessing and a curse. It's great to be able to see a wide variety of what's available and you might find something you really like while browsing, but it can also be distracting. It can be very easy to add items to your cart without thinking when shopping online. For some people, that means they're more likely to buy things on a whim that simply catch their eye. That kind of impulse can lead you to add pieces to your collection that don't really fit your style or lifestyle and that you won't wear often. Before you buy, think about your selection and consider where you will use the pieces. Are they for special occasions or everyday use? Do you have a particular outfit that suits them? Do they fit your current jewelry collection or are you looking to make a change? Do they say something about who you are as a person?


It's frustrating to be excited about ordering an item of clothing or accessory online, only for it to arrive... and not fit. Too many online jewelry buyers don't measure themselves correctly and get pieces that don't fit properly. This is especially the case with rings. To avoid this problem, the first step is to simply read the product descriptions, as described above. A well-run online store will give you clear measurements for each of your products and you should use this information. Also check out our Size Guide . At B&B, we will advise you and help you choose your ideal size. Taking the time to measure for the correct shape is especially important when ordering rings. A ring should be easy to put on your finger, be comfortable while you're wearing it, and a little harder to take off. It is highly recommended to know your ring size for each finger you intend to wear rings on .


Unfortunately, one of the biggest disadvantages of shopping online is the large number of scams and fake businesses designed to trick you out of your money. The good news is that there are a number of clues you should look for and some tools you can use to feel confident about who you are buying from. As an example, lately we've seen online stores advertised on Facebook with a huge variety of highly varied designs and surprisingly low prices (both of which are an indication that something is wrong), along with a sad story of how they are closing. When we look closely at one of these online stores, we will discover that it was only created in the last few weeks or months. At best, you'll get poor quality jewelry that doesn't look like the photos, but at worst, you'll get nothing for your money. One of the most important things you can do is practice safe online shopping habits and do your research before making any purchase.


It's a good idea to look for customer reviews online about the item you're thinking about or the company itself, especially if you're purchasing from a company you haven't dealt with before. These reviews can give you a first-hand view of product quality, the shipping process, and how the company handles various issues. You can find a lot of relevant and useful information in these reviews. It's a good way to help you feel confident in your purchase. If you're shopping at a small business, you may find that they have far fewer online reviews than big box stores. That's not necessarily a sign that something is wrong. Customers are more likely to spend time leaving negative reviews about poor products or customer service, so the lack of reviews probably indicates that there have been few problems if the business is well established.


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