About Us

In 2021 I launched Brown&Blonde on the market, a brand I had been working on for the previous two years.

Brown&Blonde was born with the aim of revolutionizing the world of jewelry through unique, simple and special collections for each one, in which quality and attention to detail prevail, revolutionizing a classic sector in which craftsmanship is maintained as a medium of making the pieces.



​My name is Irene, and I am the founder of Brown&Blonde. I am a lawyer, but I have always loved everything that has to do with drawing, design and painting. All of this, together with my passion for jewelry, gave rise to what Brown&Blonde is today.

What is Brown&Blonde?

Brown&Blonde is a high jewelry firm in which we create each and every one of the pieces that make up each collection from scratch.

From the design, made by myself on paper, to the creation of the pieces in our workshops is done in Spain.

What is our hallmark?

I have never liked to stay halfway in anything, so I could not settle for creating a brand that did not have everything that is essential for me:

    • Pieces with a unique design. Special and different from everything else.
    • But not one of those that you see in the back of the closet and take out once every 5 years. We bet on versatility. Depending on how you combine them, we want them to be worth both for a most elegant event and for a casual plan with friends or family.
    • In addition, high quality is a common denominator. And for this I always try to choose the best materials and stones. And of course bet on Made in Spain.
    • We believe in the traditional craftsmanship, in the usual workshops and in the elaboration of each piece with care and detail. For all this, our collections are designed by us from start to finish by local workshops, preserving the environment and keeping alive a guild that creates art for each one of us.

I would love for you to stay and help us continue writing the history of a brand that started from scratch and whose future is yet to be discovered.