The QUICK QUIZ with Becky Stone

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In this month of December we have the pleasure of having one of the most recognized editors in the world of jewelry in the United States: Becky Stone.

"I also believe that jewelry should be sustainable and created using responsible practices whenever possible. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of diversity in the jewelry industry and I’m always interested in ways to support creators and showcase brands".


The Founder's Quiz


Her favorite items that she never takes off are: "My bright pink coat paired with a multicolored knitted scarf that my sister gave me last year. I feel the cold and darkness of winter as a heavy weight on my heart (which is a poetic way of saying "I have seasonal depression") and wrapping myself in brightly colored layers seems to help. That bright pink coat and warm, colorful scarf lift my spirits every time I put them on"



She is addicted to Palmer's Cocoa Butter Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm. "I started using this product in high school and it's still the best for my very sensitive and easily chapped lips in the colder months. I've had fancier lip balms and lip treatments over the years, but I keep going back to these things. It used to just come in these big, weird glue stick-sized tubes, but now it comes in a more standard lipstick size. I have a tube next to my keyboard as I type this."



Lizzo's 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready). "It's so catchy and upbeat and I love its empowering message of self love. If you see me singing my heart out behind the wheel of my car at a red light, this is probably what's playing."




"I recently had my own engagement ring resized after not being able to wear it for over a year and I'm so happy to have it back on my finger. It's an antique piece, with its original hand-engraved platinum setting and a Diamond cut from an old mine from the 1930s. I love it just as much as when my (now) husband and I went looking for it in a jewelry store years ago."


"I'm currently devouring Sarah J. Maas's epic fantasy series, A Court of Thorns and Roses. I started this series a few years ago, but never read the last two books. It's really good: vibrant and creative world, compelling characters, electric romantic entanglements, gripping plot. I'm now on book three and honestly, it was hard to tear myself away from my lunchtime reading to get back to my emails."
Thanks Becky!
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